The 10th JCHAT Award announcement

We are pleased to announce the winners of the tenth JCHAT Award.

Best paper:
Yuko YAMATO (Osaka University)
“Influencing Factors for Recognition of Two-Kanji Compound Words by Learners of Japanese Language”
(In Japanese)

Best paper utilizing JCHAT/CHILDES:
Tamiko OGURA (Osaka University of Comprehensive Children Education), Naoko HAMABE, Tamami MASUDA (Osaka University of Comprehensive Children Education), & Junko HIRAI
“Effects of maternal input of baby-form and adult-form words on Japanese children’s acquisition of nouns and verbs”
(In Japanese)

The award ceremony will be held at the annual conference next year, to
be held at Kawauchi Campus, Tohoku University.


Harumi Kobayashi
The Japanese Society for Language Sciences