JSLS JCHAT Award announcement

We are pleased to announce the winners of the twelfth JCHAT Award.


(Best paper)

中国人日本語学習者が日本語文を読む際の眼球運動 ―漢字単語の処理に着目して-

徐 婕 (広島大学)・柳本 大地(広島大学)

“Eye-movements of Chinese students when reading Japanese:

A study on the processing of Kanji-words” (in Japanese)

Jie XU (Hiroshima University),  Daichi YANAMOTO (Hiroshima University)


優秀論文賞(JCHAT/CHILDES利用) :

(Best paper utilizing JCHAT/CHILDES)


加山 裕子 (University of Manitoba) ・大嶋 百合子 (McGill University, University of Victoria)

“The role of the input in the acquisition of verb argument structures in child Japanese” (in Japanese)

Yuhko KAYAMA (University of Manitoba),

Yuriko OSHIMA-TAKANE (McGill University, University of Victoria)

These papers were presented at JSLS2021.

We plan to have the award ceremony at JSLS2022 next year.


Harumi KOBAYASHI, Chairperson of Japanese Society for Language Sciences