Rules Regarding the Election of Officers of the Japanese Society for Language Sciences

Rules Regarding the Election of Officers of the Japanese Society for Language Sciences

Article 1 The election of officers of this society shall be conducted according to Article 7 of the Regulations, Articles 6 & 7 of the Detailed Rules for the Operations of JSLS, as well as these rules. Specific details pertaining to the election process will be determined below.

Article 2 The election of the Steering Committee members, as well as the election of the chairperson and vice-chairperson shall be conducted by the full membership.

Article 3 Election Procedure
1. The steering committee shall create a list of names based on nominees recommended from the general membership.
2. The full members shall vote from the list of nominees (which constitutes their voting ballot). However, they are also able to write-in their own candidates who may not be on the list.

Article 4 Elections Committee
The Elections Committee shall conduct the following activities under the supervision of the Steering Committee:
1. Public announcements related to the elections
2. Scheduling of election-related activities
3. Distribution, collection and tabulation of voting ballots with the list of nominees.
4. Report of election results to Steering Committee.
5. Other activities related to elections.

Article 5 Appointment of Elected Persons
Elected persons shall be approved by the Steering Committee and appointed.

Article 6 Filling Vacancies
The Steering Committee can conduct extraordinary elections in order to fill vacancies which occur from failure to elect or vacancies resulting during the 3-year-term due to unavoidable circumstances.

Article 7 Addendum
These rules shall be revised by a vote of the Steering Committee.

Additional rules
1. These detailed rules will be effective as of August 7, 1999.