JSLS Membership Fee Payment (new and renewal) and Membership Information Update

The Japanese Society for Language Sciences (JSLS) requires every person to fill out their membership information upon payment, as of the 1st of April, 2023. This includes new members, as well as members who plan to renew their membership. 

 Membership information・Membership fee registration form
(Payment method information is provided in the Google Forms)

 If you cannot access the form above (Google Forms), please email us at the following address:


This will help us manage membership information, payment information, and confirm status efficiently, as well as manage any changes in membership information. Your cooperation will help us manage membership information more efficiently. 

For student members, please have a copy or an image of your student ID card ready. The images should clearly show both name and expiration date. (you can upload multiple images). 

 If you are considering canceling your membership, or need to change your membership information, please fill out the following form.