JSLS Public Announcement Regarding Elections

Japanese Society for Language Sciences Public Announcement Regarding
June 29, 2022

Takaaki Suzuki
Elections Committee Chairperson

As the current officers will complete their 3-year terms in June, 2022,
according to Article 4 of the “Detailed Rules regarding the Election of
Officers of the Japanese Society for Language Sciences,” we will conduct
elections for the chairperson, vice-chairperson, and Steering Committee
officer positions as follows:
We would like to ask for your cooperation in this matter.

1. Positions open for election
Chairperson (3-year term: July, 2022-June, 2025)…1 person
Vice Chairperson (3-year term: July, 2022-June, 2025)…1 person
Steering committee members (3-year term: July, 2022-June, 2025)…23
Internal auditor (3-year term: July, 2022-June, 2025)…1 person

2. Nomination of candidates
Nominations will be accepted until: July 8, 2022 (Japan standard time)
(Please refer to the “Guidelines for the Nomination of Candidates”
presented below for details regarding the nomination process.)

3. Voting
Mailing of voting instructions: July 15, 2022 (scheduled)
Deadline for submitting votes: July 15, 2022 thru July 29, 2022 (
*Voting procedures will be sent via email.
The message will be sent out on Friday, July 15 from the following
User Jslsweb
Please check your spam mailbox if you cannot find the message. In case
you do not receive the message, please contact the office .

4. Announcement of results
Election results will be reported through the [JSLS-members] mailing
list and the JSLS homepage.

・Addendum: Summary of election procedures
The election process will be conducted as follows:
First, we will receive nominations of candidates from the general
membership (deadline: July 8, 2022). Based on these nominations, the
Elections Committee will prepare a list of candidates and create a
ballot. This ballot, along with the voting guidelines, will be sent to
the general membership via email (approximately mid-July). After this,
JSLS full members should access the webpage address provided in the
guidelines, marking the candidates they would like to vote for, and “
send” their votes in via email. By doing so, votes will be sent
indirectly to the Elections Committee. At this time, it will also be
possible to vote for JSLS full members who are not listed on the ballot.
Votes will be tallied and confirmed by the Elections Committee, and the
candidates (for the positions of chairperson, vice-chairperson, Steering
Committee members, and internal auditor, respectively) with the largest
number of valid votes will be elected, until all positions are filled.

・Guidelines for the Nomination of Candidates
As mentioned in the public announcement regarding elections, we are
asking the general membership to submit nominations. The letter of
nomination (any format acceptable) should include the following
information, as stated in Article 4 of the Detailed Rules regarding the
election of officers of the Japanese Society for Language Sciences:
1. The position you would like to nominate the person for (i.e.,
Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Steering Committee member, Internal
2. The name of the nominee
3. Date
4. A letter of acceptance from the nominee (must be a JSLS full member)
and the signature of at least one JSLS full member supporting the
5. Current affiliation, brief CV, field of specialization (or research
topics) of the nominee
6. Short statement giving reasons supporting nomination (Each full
member can nominate one person for the chairperson and vice-chairperson

You cannot surpass 23 nominations for the Steering Committee positions.
Furthermore, it is possible for the same person to run for chairperson,
vice-chairperson, the Steering Committee, and Internal auditor at the
same time. In this case, if the person is elected to more than one
position, his or her final position will be the highest position of
those he or she is elected for.

Please send letters of nomination to the address listed below, in an
envelope marked “Letter of nomination enclosed” via postal mail (Letters
of nomination sent via fax or email will not be accepted):

Takaaki Suzuki
English Dept. Faculty of Foreign Studies,
Kyoto Sangyo University
Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-8555, Japan