[:ja](終了しました)宮城教育大学英語教育講座 2018年度第2回講演会[:]

2号館1階 221教室

講演者 Dr. Kazuya Saito
タイトル Teaching Japanese EFL Students to Attain Comprehensible Second
Language Speaking Proficiency

In this talk, I will provide an overview on a series of empirical
studies that my research team has been working on to help Japanese EFL
students speak up, improve and achieve comprehensible speaking
proficiency in classroom settings. First, I will discuss what
comprises a realistic goal for adult L2 speech learning
(comprehensibility rather than nativelikeness) based on the
large-scale corpus data of 200+ Japanese learners who actually use L2
English for academic/business-related purposes in Japan, the UK and
Canada. Next, I will touch on what kinds of pedagogical activities can
be devised with a view of Japanese EFL students’ enhanced confidence
and oral proficiency. To this end, I will introduce our recent
intervention projects, wherein we tested a range of research-based
techniques, such as focused instruction, tasks and corrective

Kazuya Saito is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Linguistics
and Communication at Birkbeck, University of London. His research
interests include how second language learners develop various
dimensions of their speech in naturalistic settings; and how
instruction can help optimize such learning processes in classroom
contexts. He currently chairs the London Second Language Acquisition
Research Forum (L-SLARF)—a group of academics working in and around
the London area who share an interest in second language acquisition;
and serves on the Editorial Board of Language Teaching Research, TESOL
Quarterly, International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Journal of
Second Language Pronunciation. For more details, see his personal
website (http://kazuyasaito.net/).

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