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川内キャンパスマルチメディア教育研究棟6階 M601

講演者  Dr. Lourdes Ortega
タイトル Reenvisioning English Competence

Two thirds of the world’s speakers of English are second-language
users and thus by definition bi/multilingual. All too often, their
competence is construed as deficient and their multilingual prowess is
erased. A wealth of knowledge from language acquisition by children
and adults and from social theories in education can help us envision
a new kind of multilingual English competence. This kind of competence
is continuous, probabilistic and
gradient, and it is not limited by strictly linguistic or purely
monolingual standards. I then explore pedagogical strategies that can
help educators reaffirm multilinguals’ English competence and success.

Lourdes Ortega is a Professor of second language acquisition at
Georgetown University. A widely published scholar and frequent plenary
speaker at international conferences, she is best known for her
award-winning meta-analysis of L2 instruction in 2000, her best-seller
textbook Understanding Second Language Acquisition (2009, translated
into Mandarin in 2016), and championing a bilingual turn in second
language acquisition. Her recent co-edited volumes include
Technology-Mediated TBLT: Researching Technology and Tasks (with Marta
González-Lloret), The Usage-Based Study of Language Learning and
Multilingualism and Usage-inspired L2 Instruction (both with Andea
Tyler and colleagues), Complexity Theory and Language Development: In
celebration of Diane Larsen-Freeman (with ZhaoHong Han), and The
Handbook of Bilingualism (forthcoming, with Annick de Houwer). Born,
raised, and college-educated in southern Spain, Lourdes obtained her
doctorate in the United States, where she has lived and worked since
1993. Her bilingual life in English-Spanish is enriched by several
other languages, particularly Greek, which was once her strongest

講演者  Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaele
タイトル Communicating Emotions in a Foreign Language

In this lecture I will present an overview of the recent surge of
interest in the field of emotion and multilingualism. I will focus on
the development of sociopragmaticand sociocultural competence, and
more specifically on the communication of emotion by first and foreign
language users (Dewaele, 2013, 2016a, b, 2017) as well as the effect
of emotional acculturation to a new language and culture. I will also
consider the effects of age of onset of acquisition, of type of
foreign language instruction and of current language use on language
preferences for the communication of emotion including declarations of
love and swearing in the foreign language (Dewaele, 2016b; Dewaele&
Salomidou, 2017).

Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaeleis is Professor of Applied Linguistics and
Multilingualism at Birkbeck, University of London. He is a keen
walker, karate-ka and author of Emotionsin Multiple Languages (2010).
He is President of the International Association of Multilingualism
and former president of the European Second Language Association. He
is General Editor of the International Journal of Bilingual Education
and Bilingualism.  He won the Equality and Diversity Research Award
from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (2013)
and the Robert Gardner Award for Excellence in Second Language and
Bilingualism Research (2016) from the International Association of
Language and Social Psychology.

Jeong Hyeonjeong(ジョンヒョンジョン)LBC.Tohoku@gmail.com